Games of the week for 05/14/09: Private police force edition

For this edition of Games of the Week, I’ve brought yet another Fry & Laurie sketch from the vaults for your own sordid entertainment. This particular video takes a look at the privatization of Britain’s police force. It was ahead of its time, and I still feel it will turn out very true indeed. Video provided post-jump.

As always, the Destructoid staff played more videogames than was healthy, and you can hit the jump for that as well. 

DMV: I have been playing A LOT of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. And I just can’t stop. It’s too much fun. Also, just started biting into Heavy Weapon.

Bennett: Lots and lots of Super Robot Taisen OG (for short I call it Super Robot Boobs), a little bit of Rock Band 2, Droplitz, and Clover for Xbox 360 (community games).

North: Polishing off Devil Survivor and loving it. Also Trash Panic, my game of TGS last year.

Villasenor: I’m playing through inFAMOUS a second time on hard to try out the whole evil thing. And I don’t know if I just got really good at the game on my first playthrough or what, but most of it feels a lot easier than it did on normal. It also feels glitchier.

Grim: Metroid Fusion, the new Burnout Paradise DLC, and an unnecessary amount of Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Razak: 10 minutes of Assassins Creed. Yup, I played ten minutes of an old videogame this week and it was the beginning so it was just learning controls. Someone needs to take my gamers card away from me.

Sterling: Mostly been playing for “work.” I’ve had to slog through Damnation, Fuel and Prototype this week for review, and the write-ups for those should all be coming soon. Damnation is not very good, Fuel is fun but confused and Prototype … well. You already know what I think of the game that is blatantly better than inFAMOUS. Seriously, the game has its glaring flaws, but it manages to remain addictive and fun throughout.

In my downtime, I’ve been playing Chrono Trigger on DS. It is quite good.

Chester: Busting made me feel good this week, as I had a chance to play through all of Ghostbusters, as well as dabble in the multiplayer mode. Also spent some time with Rock Band Unplugged and Swords and Soldiers for WiiWare.

Holmes: Finally finished editing the last of the E3 footage, so I could get back into playing some videogames. Still, even then the picking were slim. Found a copy of the Munchables, which combines the sense of humor of Parappa the Rapper with the mindless violence of Onechanbara. If I were five years old, it would probably be my favorite game on the planet. Even still, it’s a game that I’m not sad to own.

Concelmo: After completing the immensely challenging Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (screw you, rooftop level!) I dove into, and surprisingly finished, the way-too-short, but unbelievably awesome Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Seeing some of my favorite RPG characters of all time again brought a nostalgic tear to my eye.

Also playing the great Flock! and Wallace & Gromit Adventures: Fright of the Bumblebees for Xbox Live Arcade.

Aziz: What did you think of the last boss in Henry Hatsworth?

Concelmo: Well, besides the fact that I was genuinely shocked by the crazy plot twist, I thought the last boss was really creative and super challenging — everything I love in a good boss! Awesome!

Jim Sterling