Gamefest 2007: 7.1 million XBL subscribers with 25 million downloads

Got a lot of news coming in from Microsoft’s Gamefest 2007 shenanigans today, hopefully we can get it all to you. Straight to business then, as we get all the boasting out of the way from The ‘Soft’s keynote, namely the success of the Xbox 360’s online presence, Xbox Live. Microsoft’s Game Developer Group general manager Chris Satchell announced that there are more than 7.1 million Xbox Live subscribers worldwide right now, who between them have amassed a grand total of 25 million downloads via the service. That’s a lot of Frogger!

According to Microsoft, the attach rate for Xbox Live Arcade games stands at about 6-7 per user, with that number doubling in the last four months. With the Arcade becoming considerably less rubbish over those months, it’s no surprise, really. To cap it off, The ‘Soft shared expectations of over 100 XBLA titles by the end of the year. With 77 games currently available and half of 2007 to go, let’s see if they make it. Needs more Frogger, obviously.

[Via 1Up]

Jim Sterling