Game Crazy to offer a Dark Void pre-order bonus, too

So, will it be a Golden Jetpack of a Trexi? No bones about it: Airtight Games is making the Dark Void pre-order decision a hard one with its latest reveal. Earlier this afternoon, the team behind the vertical shooter announced another reserve exclusive, this time one of the un-digital variety, and this time one exclusive to the retailer Game Crazy.

Yeah, the image above is the exclusive. It’s a 3” Trexi designed by the I am 8-bit crew. It comes in a box and looks fairly battle-ready by cloth-toy standards.

Game Crazy’s Web site makes no mention of the bonus, so it appears as if walking into a brick and mortar store is the only way to secure the bonus. This presents its own problems, if you’ve followed the hot Game Crazy news of late. It may be best to wait — if, again, digital jetpacks aren’t your thing — to see what locations are closing before laying down the cash and tasting disappointment later.

[via Capcom-Unity]

Brad BradNicholson