Gal Gun: Double Peace is bringing its salacious schoolgirl antics to Switch

Gal Gun Double Peace Switch

Double the pleasure, double the fun

I’ve been writing for this website for a little more than six years now and there is a lot I’ve done in my time here that I don’t fully remember. That’s especially true of many of the games I’ve reviewed. There is only so much space in my brain for the myriad of 6’s that have crossed my path, but one review that will always stand out for me is when Chris Carter and I jointly reviewed Gal Gun: Double Peace. I took the PlayStation Vita version for our review and was in constant awe of just how silly and bawdy that game got. In my opinion, it’s the best entry in the series. If you want to judge for yourself, you can buy it right now on the PlayStation store or just wait to pick up the Gal Gun: Double Peace Switch definitive edition early next year.

If you haven’t played Double Peace or any of the prior Gal Gun titles, the game is an on-rails shooter starring Houdai, an unseen protagonist who has to fend off hoards of girls who want to love him until it hurts. Armed with a Pheremone Shot, players will travel throughout Houdai’s school and beyond looking for his one true love or else risk living alone forever. The game features multiple girls Houdai can choose and secret endings for those willing to put in the work to find every available path in the game.

So what are you getting with this “definitive” version of Double Peace? Well, a lot, actually. Not only will it contain the full game from 2015, but nearly all the DLC costumes released for the original release will be included as well. There will also be a new opening animation, and if you own either of the two previous Gal Gun titles for Switch, you can expect some goodies as well. Inti Creates is teasing exclusive content for those who own Gal Gun 2 and/or Gal Gun Returns.

What hasn’t been confirmed yet–at least not in any language I can read–is whether or not Double Peace on Switch will have the touch screen control option of the PlayStation Vita version. Touch controls were not available in either Gal Gun 2 or Gal Gun Returns, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is a touchless affair as well. It’s not a dealbreaker without it, but some parts of the game definitely benefit from being able to finger your way through them.

Gal Gun: Double Peace will arrive on Switch on March 17, 2022.

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