This Futurama: Hit & Run fan creation looks official

Futurama Hit & Run

A demo is coming in the next few weeks

Futurama: Hit & Run never existed officially (that was Simpsons: Hit & Run), but this fan made video is just a good job of convincing me it did!

From the mind of Slurm Team, this project is actually a total conversion mod with “all fully from scratch 3D models,” with the intention of crafting it like it was an expansion for the original Hit & Run. Right now it’s slated to be released in demo form at the end of August or the beginning of September, but the crew is looking for folks to contribute in multiple arenas, including texture art and mission scripters. You can see how it’s progressing below.

The Hit & Run universe is making a comeback thanks to fans

Not only is this project on the horizon, but someone is also taking it upon themselves to remaster Simpsons: Hit & Run, with custom cutscene animations, no less! For years, various folks who have been involved with the original Simpsons game have talked in whispers about bringing the series back to some degree, but often speak of the pile of rights issues they’d have to wade through.

Perhaps the popularity of these fan creations could grease the wheels a bit.

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