The fan made Simpsons Hit and Run remaster is shaping up real nicely

Simpsons Hit and Run remaster

The mod creator is redrawing cutscenes

El Gato Del Tejado is taking it upon themselves to craft a Simpsons Hit and Run remaster, and it’s going extremely well so far.

In the first half of the latest development video, the mod creator walks us through some in-engine shots of the project; giving us an update on some of the game’s character models, namely Lisa Simpson. They chronicle the journey of getting a 3D model to show up correctly in-game — and folks, it ain’t easy!

But by far the big deal here is how the creator chose to alter the game’s cutscenes. Originally they wanted to see cutscenes with “modern 3D technology” like the latest Crash re-releases, but without much experience in 3D animation, they opted for 2D. Deciding to “do it by hand,” they learned the animation style of the show, consulting series bibles to get it done (which series creator Matt Groening has documented endlessly). To my amazement, it basically looks like the show.

The results are….insane. Multiple comparison shots are provided in the video below, which are near indistinguishable from certain eras of The Simpsons on TV. At this point, the project is basically a resume. Hire this person! In fact, hire them to do an official Simpsons Hit and Run remaster.

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