You can get a free Sackboy banana costume in Sackboy: A Big Adventure now

Sackboy banana Playstation Plus

Sackboy banana is a go

Playingย LittleBigPlanet when it came out was a treat. The playerbase was flowing, level creations actually got some love, and the game itself was pretty fun, especially with a group. I’m glad that the series got at least three main entries and some spinoffs, but I’d really like to see it continued proper again on the PS5. While I muse over whether or not that’ll actually happen, we haveย Sackboy: A Big Adventure now. And the Sackboy Banana costume.

It’s actually called the “Sacknana,” and it’s a fan favorite outfit from the original series: the PSP game specifically. You can actually grab it for free now as of August 20 inย Sackboy: A Big Adventure, as one of the many in-game costume options. Oh, and it comes with a dance emote, too! Again, people areย really taking to this banana costume, which became a meme in its own right when it was originally released.

I didn’t think I’d return to this game as much as I have since the launch of the PS5, but here we are. Simple things like tiny DLC costumes were always a motivator for returning to the original trilogy, and now history repeats itself.

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