Four unannounced 3DS augmented reality games leaked

The 3DS is going to launch with five augmented reality games preloaded, but we only knew what one was, with the remaining four taunting us. The rest were going to be surprise until a leaker ruined it all. I don’t even want the 3DS now. 

A source told Wired what the other four games are: Fishing, Graffiti, AR Shot, Mii Pics and Star Pics. These aren’t necessarily the final game names, but they’ll give you a good idea of what to expect Here’s the breakdown on each game:

AR Shot: Is like billards or mini-golf. You can walk around your AR table to plan shots.

Fishing: Your table becomes a fishing pond. Sharks pop out randomly, and in 3D.

Grafitti: Draw with paint and even fire. Then manipulate your drawings in 3D.

Star Pics: Nintendo characters appear on your table. You can manipulate and photograph.

Mii Pics: Like Star Pics, but with Mii characters. An interactive Mii photoshoot. 

Here in Japan the television commercials are really pushing the AR aspect of the console. Even these commercial demonstrations have me wanting a 3DS. All of these little games sound neat, but I can’t wait to see what other developers do with the technology.

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