Four new songs revealed for Rock Band, includes The Pixies and Hole

You can add Hole’s “Celebrity Skin,” Garbage’s “I Think I’m Paranoid,” the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps,” and The Pixie’s “Wave of Mutilitation” to the list of 40 songs that will ship with Rock Band when it hits stores this November. 

In a recent hands-on, IGN had the opportunity to check out the new tracks while testing out the game’s head-to-head multiplayer features. In this mode, players duel using the same instruments (drums, in IGN’s case) to see who or who shouldn’t be kicked out of the band. Modes include Score Duel (players trade parts back and forth) and Tug of War (both play the entirety of the song, with a meter going back and forth showing who is in the lead). 

We can’t say it enough — we want Rock Band. Now. Badly. But “Maps”? That’s a pretty sparse song, if I remember correctly. It could be fun to play (and I’m sure it will be), but what random pile of papers did they pick that track out of? 

And speaking of which, how many of these songs made it into the game?

Nick Chester