Fortnite: How to unlock the Chrome Punk skin fast

Fortnite: How To Unlock the Chrome Punk Skin Fast

You just need to level up 50 times from this week through through December 31

More free skins are coming to Fortnite, as is customary as we head into the holidays; and Epic Games attempts to vie for your V-Buck money. One of those is the spooky Chrome Punk skin, who is being introduced as a fall/post-Halloween outfit, but will persist through part of the winter season.

Here’s how to unlock the Chrome Punk skin:

  • Earn 10 account levels (Chromeseed back bling)
  • Earn 25 account levels (Graveyard Rave loading screen)
  • Earn 50 account levels (Chrome Punk outfit/skin)

Translation? You literally need to level-up 50 times from now through that cutoff. That’s it! You have until the end of December 31 to actually do it, so long as you log in and acquire the quest.

Here’s a few pointers.

Fortnite How To Unlock the Chrome Punk Skin Fast 2

Tips on how to unlock the Chrome Punk skin and level up:

  • If you play on a regular basis, finishing up your dailies and then logging off is a great way to get a quick XP boost. Even if you just spend a little time doing dailies a few times a week, it should be enough to propel you through most of the 50 level requirement
  • Get your 20,000 XP from creative mode on a daily basis: the playlist “The Pit – Free For All” is a super easy way to earn said XP
  • Weekly quests are a huge source of XP: write them down in a separate window/a note pad, and get multiple weekly quests done per round (weekly quests will also cascade into more XP as you finish your weekly quest bonus goals)
  • A few milestones are really easy to clear: get in the habit of thanking the bus driver at the start of every game for free XP, and doing very easy milestones like buying things from a vending machine (just mass-buy cheap ammo whenever you come across one)
  • The Skywalker Week quests are an easy source of XP: check out our full guide on the Star Wars week challenges here
  • For the next week, the Horde Rush mode is also available as a quick source of XP

Interestingly, the battle pass ends on December 3, 2022. So you have a lot of time to actually get it done beyond the end of this season/battle pass, and outside of the fall purview.

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