Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail quest guide

Honkai: Star Rail Fleeting Lights Quest Guide

Something strange in the Astral Express

For players who have just attained Equilibrium level one, a strange quest will appear on the Astral Express. Completing this mission is highly recommended, as it leads to unlocking the Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail. If you’ve not yet reached Equilibrium level one, check out how to increase your Equilibrium level in Honkai: Star Rail.

Shortly after completing your first Trial of Equilibrium, you will receive the Fleeting Lights adventure mission. A worried Pom-Pom will message you directly, claiming something strange has appeared on the Astral Express. Your assistance is required to figure out what it is and why it is here.

Take a look in the mirror

A quest marker will indicate a section of the Astral Express to investigate, where you will find a strange and broken mirror. Your first objective will be to ask around and see if any other patrons on the Express have noticed it.

Much to your surprise, you’re the only one that can actually¬†see the mirror. In an effort to convince yourself you’re not crazy, you’ll try to interact with the mirror when a faceless entity emerges.

They seem both shocked and excited to be on the coveted Astral Express. The thing is, they aren’t there by pure coincidence. They need your assistance in taking down some bad guys in a place called the Forgotten Hall, and they are willing to reward you for your help.

Honkai Star Rail Fleeting Lights Quest Guide
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What is the Forgotten Hall?

The Forgotten Hall is a special game mode that allows you to take on many floors of difficult enemies. Each floor gets progressively more difficult, but the rewards get better as well.

In addition to housing tough foes, each floor also has unique objectives granting bonus rewards for their completion. Most of the objectives include beating the floor within a specific number of turns, also known as cycles. Furthermore, each floor has to be completed within a designated number of cycles or you will outright fail the mission.

Each floor also has unique modifiers called Memory Turbulence that will affect certain enemies or allies. You will have to come up with a proper strategy for each floor based on these effects.

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In any case, taking down the baddies will get you some nifty rewards and unlock the next floor. Rewards typically include Adventure Logs, Condensed Aether, Credits, and upgrade materials.

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Finishing the Fleeting Lights quest in Honkai: Star Rail

Once you have completed the first floor of the Forgotten Hall, the entity will ask you not to tell your friends about them or the Forgotten Hall.¬† You can now finish the quest by returning to Pom-Pom and choosing whether to tell them about the events that have just transpired or not. Your decision won’t affect anything other than the next few lines of dialog.

That’s it for our Fleeting Lights Honkai: Star Rail quest guide. More importantly, however, completing the quest will progress your Operation Briefing task list and complete a task on the important Nameless Honor battle pass. You can read about this more in our Honkai: Star Rail Nameless Honor system, explained guide.

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