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How to increase your equilibrium level in Honkai: Star Rail

Empower your world via Equilibrium level

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Hitting Trailblazer Level 20 in Honkai: Star Rail is important. Doing so will advance the first part of the story and grant you the ability to increase your Equilibrium level. If you have played Genshin Impact, Equilibrium level is essentially the equivalent to your World Level.

We will go over how to increase your equilibrium level in Honkai: Star Rail.

All about the Trial of the Equilibrium

Once you’ve reached trailblazer level 20 you will receive a new quest. This quest will lead you to your first “Trial of the Equilibrium” rift.  These trials consist of taking down powerful monsters to prove your might and upgrade your Equilibrium level.

The trials can be challenging and rely on a bit of strategy and the right team to complete them. In the event you fail, you can try again immediately, or wait until you level your team a bit more to give it a better shot.

Defeating the monsters will result in your Equilibrium level increasing by one and will grant you a handful of assorted rewards. Also make sure you have redeemed all current Honkai: Star Rail codes to power your characters up and make the trial easier.

Honkai Star Rail equilibrium level explained
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When you can increase your Equilibrium level?

Increasing your equilibrium level will become an important part of your progress through Honkai: Star Rail.  After the first Trial of Equilibrium, you will unlock future trials every 10 trailblazer levels up through level 60.  You will then have the final trial at 65. Even though the max trailblazer level is 70, it does not look like there is a trial at 70. This will probably change at some point as more content is added to the game and the max trailblazer level goes up.

Why you should increase your equilibrium level?

Completion of a trial will give you some immediate rewards and increase obtained rewards for all future content. This also increases your rewards for most of the daily content such as Calyx, Stagnant Shadow, Cavern of Corrosion, and Echo of War.

There is a downside, however. The enemies you encounter in said content also become stronger. Even though it’s recommended you make sure your team is properly leveled and equipped, you don’t have to worry about making encounters too tough. You can tune the content back to previous levels, decreasing the power of your enemies. This will of course reduce the rewards gained for completing the content as well. If you’re still having trouble, I recommend trying one of the best healers in Honkai: Star Rail.

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