First Sonic Colors Switch patch fixes some bugs, adds Godot to the credits

Sonic Colors Switch

The Switch edition isn’t as smooth sailing as the others

Sonic Colors Ultimate came out roughly a week ago, and the verdict is in! Every platform except for the Nintendo Switch seems to be running fairly smoothly. Sonic Colors Switch suffers from several issues (amid the performance downgrades we already knew about), most notably a glitch that invokes epilepsy-warning-worthy visuals (among other bugs), and Sega just recently addressed that with a new patch and a tweet.

Here’s what the tweet had to say:

“Hi everyone – We have deployed a patch for the Nintendo Switch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate. This is the first of several patches (for all platforms!) that will begin rolling out in the near future. Thank you for your patience!”

So what did it do? Well, apparently it patched out the epilepsy bug sequences, and added the Godot engine to the credits as promised. Note that this is “the first of several patches,” so the additional Switch issues could be fixed in the future. That includes performance problems, on top of other bugs that don’t involve the aforementioned seizure situation.

In the meantime, aiming to pick up a different version of Sonic Colors (if you can) is probably for the best for now.

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