Sonic Colors: Ultimate Switch trailer drops all mention of 60FPS

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Wording dropped from Switch-centric video

Just recently, Sega dropped a general all-platforms trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate that boasted “60 FPS, re-vamped lightning, improved graphics, and 4K resolution.” This week a Switch-only video arrived, with some changes.

This is what it says in the new clip: “revamped lighting and improved graphics.” While no one expected 4K (the OLED Switch does not support it), I think a ton of people did at least want 60FPS. We’ve reached out to Sega for more clarification on the trailer adjustment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 60FPS wasn’t happening for a third party game on Switch. We all know that the system is capable of it, as Skyward Sword HD will run at 60 FPS, for example; and the original Sonic Colors is of that exact same era (and only a year apart).

Now, the Sonic Colors: Ultimate trailer also showcases a few other aspects of the game that we’ve heard about in other ways. We get to see the return of Metal Sonic in the Rival Rush mode, as well as the “Tails Save” feature. Then there’s the park tokens and customization concept, which lets you unlock boosts, auras, shoes, gloves, and other cosmetics for Sonic. It looks like there’s a decent chunk of stuff to do, and at least we have platform options if the lack of a high framerate is a dealbreaker. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is also debuting on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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