First Nintendo 3DS firmware update: A 3D music video?!

Not a web browser. Not the cool 3DS shop stuff we’ve been hearing about. None of that. Instead, with the very first Nintendo 3DS firmware update for Japan we get a…3D music video?

I updated my firmware tonight and found that an extra icon was added to my line-up. Clicking it showed the above video, a performance of the famous “Super Mario Bros theme,” by Koji Kondo. You can’t see the 3D in it, but it’s very cheesy, with the band members looking like they’re popping out of a kids pop-up book. It was free, I guess.

To be fair, Nintendo did some other things in this update, numbered 1.1.0-1 J. They said that they’ve improved system stability (that was an issue?) and updated some of the communications abilities. They also fixed a bug with wireless access that wouldn’t let you connect properly at a Nintendo Zone location (I had this issue the other day). 

Hey, at least we know that they’re working on stuff. Thanks for the random thing, Nintendo.

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