First look: Hammerin’ Hero’s preorder bonus figures

You might have heard that Atlus’ upcoming PSP platformer Hammerin’ Hero comes with a pretty cool preorder bonus: figures of both the hero Gen himself as well as his ladyfriend. In our preview, we already told you that the game was pretty great. Now, thanks to Atlus, we’ve got our own Gen-san and Kanna to show off, and we think they’re pretty great, too.

I’m not sure if the figures will come in these Japanese boxes or not, but ours did. Both Gen and Kanna come with little stands and respective removable hammer and fan. For you toy geeks out there, these of these PaPETCH are about the same size as a Mini-Nendoroid. They both look great on my already geeked-out desk. Gotta love that Atlus Spoils program.

As we told you before, these figures will not be sold seperately; the only way to get them is to preorder Hammerin’ Hero at GameStop before the April 7th release date.

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