Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes trailer shows off the Black Eagles’ new looks

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Black Eagles

Edelgard and co. get some new duds

The next faction spotlight for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is here, and it’s all about Edelgard and the Black Eagles.

The Adrestian Empire is the banner they’ll be fighting under, but Three Houses players will remember this motley crew as the Black Eagles. Edelgard is here, of course, but in today’s trailer we get to see all the former students in action.

There are some neat touches here, considering the variety of skillsets in the Black Eagles. Two little aspects I dug were Dorothea using singing as a weapon, and Petra’s big attack utilizing a bow (since she is an Assassin class when you fight her in other houses’ campaigns).

Two houses down, one to go

That’s two of Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ big factions down, one left to go. It looks like since we have Black Eagles and Blue Lions covered, the Golden Deer will be the last crew to get a spotlight.

That said, it’s impressive to see how every student in each house is a full-on playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. With just the three houses and protagonist Shez, that’s 25 characters.

I’m curious to see if we get any of the school staff or the endearing basement goths from the Ashen Wolves campaign. And I’d be really surprised if Anna, the series’ long-running “mascot” merchant, doesn’t also make an appearance.

I’m hopeful (ha) that Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will turn out as a pretty good musou game, as the Nintendo crossovers have run the gamut. The Hyrule Warriors side has been generally solid to pretty darn good. But Fire Emblem Warriors missed some of that spark.

With a laser focus on just Fódlan and the world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, maybe Three Hopes can make the Warriors side click. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes hits Nintendo Switch on June 24.

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