Final Fantasy XVI boss reveals the game is nearing completion, in a clothing store magazine

Final Fantasy XVI nearing completion

I love this

Legendary Square Enix producer Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida pops up in the most unlikely of places constantly. Whether it’s a stream, or an interview, or drinking wine with the CEO of Level-5, he’s become a ubiquitous industry everyman. That includes appearing in a free clothing magazine to reveal that Final Fantasy XVI is nearing completion.

Located by Twitter user alberich_ff14, this is actually a multi-layered story that is located under the depths of multiple marketing opportunities from Square Enix. Of all places they went to the UNIQLO clothing store to buy a t-shirt for some Final Fantasy playing cards, but ended up with a free pamphlet that had an interview with Yoshi P. That very interview explained that the game is “nearing completion,” following its reveal in 2020. Here’s the full excerpt on Final Fantasy XVI, from Gematsu:

“Currently, development on the latest title, Final Fantasy XVI, is in the final stretch. As a single-player game, Final Fantasy XVI aims to unify the story and gameplay experience. Unlike online games, which portrays multiple players at once, Final Fantasy XVI has an individual focus, which makes the story more immersive. And I think the story has become quite deep. My hope is that the adults who have grown up, understand the rules of society, and drifted away from Final Fantasy thinking ‘the real world isn’t as easy as a video game’ can remember the enthusiasm they had back then. That’s what we’re keeping in mind as we make this game.”

Final Fantasy XVI is nearing completion? Just lovely. Announced in mid-2020, and nearing completion? This surely can’t be Square Enix! We had heard that the game had been in development for a while, but the team thankfully managed to push off the classic “5-10 year early” Square Enix announcement until they had a lot to show for it. Yoshi P has talked about the careful balance between showing too little too early many times, and likely had a hand in this campaign.

Unrelated, does anyone else get tripped up by this particular set of roman numerals? I’m so used to seeing and typing Final Fantasy XIV (the MMO) that my eyes constantly play tricks on me with XVI. It’s also strange to see hope for a mainline Final Fantasy game again too, given how a lot of folks didn’t like 13 or 15, and don’t want to play an MMO. But that’s the Yoshi P effect for you.

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