Final Fantasy XVI was reportedly in development before Final Fantasy XV launched

‘Coming sooner than people think’

Final Fantasy XV was no spring chicken by the time it finally released. Its long, winding, troubled development is well-documented, and the timeline became something of a joke. In fact, that 10 years stretched to the point where work on the next Final Fantasy game reportedly overlapped with XV.

On the Triple Click podcast this week (as reported by VGC), Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier revealed that Final Fantasy XVI has been in development for four years at this point. However, Square Enix is wary of divulging that information because it wants to avoid any comparisons to Final Fantasy XV‘s development cycle. Schreier adds “[Final Fantasy XVI is] coming sooner than people think.”

Final Fantasy XVI was only formally unveiled last week, but it seems as though Square Enix won’t keep people waiting too long. That doesn’t mean like stealth PS5 launch game levels of quick, though. Square Enix is planning a “big information reveal” sometime in 2021.

Final Fantasy 16 is reportedly ‘coming sooner than people think’ [Video Games Chronicle]

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