Final Fantasy XV hits 10 million in worldwide sales

Final Fantasy XV sales

That’s a lot of road trip money

It’s hard to believe that Final Fantasy XV is in the rear-view mirror of the Regalia. This is a game where I once had to create a giant checklist to keep track of all of the demos, cross-media projects, DLC, and crossovers. Well, as of this week Square Enix reports that Final Fantasy XV sales have hit a new milestone of 10 million units worldwide.

Square Enix “thanks fans for their continued support” for the game. And continued support it has gotten, from a certain point of view! Even as recently as the past few years, there’s been crossovers with other games, including a recurring Final Fantasy XIV event. In a sense, this game refused to die, and earned that 10 million through sheer force of will. I’m not just talking about the cross-media projects either. Two years after launch it came to PC, where it was met with a flourishing modding community. Then it arrived on Stadia a year later.

Final Fantasy XV is polarizing still, I get it. It has what I can only describe as “Final Fantasy VIII energy,” which was also polarizing at the time, and a mixed legacy that endures to this day. Playing through it in a bubble before all the controversy, DLC, and post-launch content delays, I found it to be exceedingly relaxing, among other things. In the eternal “Final Fantasy rankings” debate that’s been going on since I can remember (Final Fantasy VI kind of sealed that top spot at release though, and for some, even still): it’ll probably end up somewhere in the middle.

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