Final Fantasy XIV producer warns they will hand out PVP bans like candy

Final Fantasy XIV PVP bans

The team is noticing a large degree of inactivity during matches

Final Fantasy XIV is not known for its PVP content per se, but it is there. On top of the Wolves’ Den arena dueling system, there’s also a few more concepts, like Frontline (a 24-person-team capture-the-objective-based gametype), Rival Wings (a MOBA-like), and now, Crystalline Conflict (a tug of war similar to Overwatch). About that last mode! Final Fantasy XIV PVP bans might be coming for some of the playerbase.

Handled personally in a blog post from the producer (Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida), the Final Fantasy XIV team has openly warned players of an “unprecedented” amount of PVP misconduct reports. Most of them fall into two categories: inactivity and trolling.

Here are the general things that will get you Final Fantasy XIV PVP bans:

  • Uncooperative/Lethargic behavior
  • Taunting/Abusive behavior

Yoshida further details both of those key issues, including tackling the infamous discussion of using “nice job!” emotes/phrases as trolling. The producer confirms that if the team reviews a report and finds a user at fault, “Final Fantasy XIV may place a temporary suspension (of 3 to 20 days) on the reported player’s account. If repeated violations are confirmed, or the violations are deemed to be exceptionally heinous, the account may be permanently banned.”

Can I just say, I love the phrase “lethargic behavior?” I’m definitely going to use that one in the future.

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