Final Fantasy director ‘would do’ Before Crisis on 3DS

3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy XIII Agito director Hajime Tabata has stated that if he were to work on a 3DS title, he’d most likely remake the Final Fantasy VII mobile phone spin-off Before Crisis, complete with a snazzy overhaul. 

“If I were to make something for 3DS, I suppose it would be a remake of Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII,” he says. “I’d redo the scenario structure and game design for the 3DS. I think I’d like to make an action RPG BCFF7 where a large number of Turks players play simultaneously.”

Bear in mind that Tabata was merely speaking from a personal stance and doesn’t represent Square Enix in that statement, but nevertheless it’s a cool pitch. I never got to play Before Crisis as I wasn’t into mobile gaming back when it was out, but I’d love to give it a spin on the 3DS. 

How about you? Would Before Crisis be tempting? Maybe you should go tell Square Enix.

Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata Wants Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII on 3DS [Andriasang]

Jim Sterling