FarmVille bug prompted new Firefox update

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you may have noticed an update over theweekend to version 3.6.6. Well, someone actually took the time to read the release notes and found there to be only one bug fixed: One which introduced a ten-second timeout for Flash applications that caused problems for FarmVille players.

Look and see for yourself. Farmville players complain and things get done, apparently. I wish we could leverage that kind of power to accomplish things other than playing FarmVille. Imagine if they all turned their gaze on something like copyright reform or net neutrality. There has to be a way to harness it.

I want a game that breaks down the political process in such a way that it’s as simple and accessible as Farmville and other games of its ilk. Stuff like writing letters to elected officials, spreading word through social networking systems and so forth. And then, after you’ve played for something in the range of 100 hours, it just cuts you off cold and points out that you could have made a real difference doing the same crap if you’d done it in reality.

New version of Firefox due to FarmVille [The Ludologist via Game Set Watch]

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