Far Cry 7 and multiplayer Far Cry reportedly in the works at Ubisoft

Far Cry

Two new Far Cry projects may be in the cards

It looks like Ubisoft is planning for a hefty amount of Far Cry in the future. New reports indicate Ubisoft is working on the next Far Cry, as well as a standalone multiplayer Far Cry spin-off.

Reports first surfaced at Insider Gaming, saying two Far Cry projects are in the works. One is “presumed to be” a single-player experience, while the other would be a multiplayer title. Insider Gaming’s report claims these titles were originally one project, and were then split into two separate games early in development.

Kotaku corroborates parts of the report. It’s also heard that both projects were mentioned in a recent internal Ubisoft update from CEO Yves Guillemot. According to Kotaku’s sources, this next Far Cry entry will see the series move from the Dunia engine to Snowdrop, the engine powering The Division 2.

According to Kotaku’s sources, Ubisoft has been trying to make a fully multiplayer Far Cry for years. Attempts were then canceled or morphed into other projects. This would be the first time in the series’ history that it has completely standalone multiplayer, though, rather than a mode packaged into the mainline Far Cry entry. When contacted for comment by Kotaku about the report, an Ubisoft spokesperson said the company doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation.

Far Cry from its predecessors

Though a new Far Cry makes complete sense, the multiplayer portion of these reports is interesting. Ubisoft has at least one big live-service game in Rainbow Six: Siege, but Far Cry has usually had multiplayer as a feature, rather than the full focus.

The company has seen some rough waters recently though, between recent comments from its CEO and cancelling a good number of games and pushing pirate sim Skull and Bones back again.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter