The first Fallout TV series images look promising

Time to emerge from the Vault.

Fallout TV Series Featured Image

We’ve known that Amazon’s Fallout TV series has been in the works since July 2020. Today, we get our first good look at the series’ live-action world thanks to a brand new batch of images.

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Vanity Fair released the first set of promotional images from the upcoming video game adaptation. In addition to that, the outlet also had a chance to pick the brains of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the power couple who are showrunners of the Fallout TV series, just as they were on HBO’s Westworld.

In the new images, we get to see quite a bit of the Amazon Prime Video series’ vibe. There are images of one of the series leads, Lucy (Ella Purnell), both inside and outside her home of Vault 33. We get several looks at The Brotherhood of Steel and their iconic Power Armor Suits. As well as a couple of looks at Walter Goggins’ Ghoul character, who looks fiendishly fantastic.

Image via Amazon/Vanity Fair

The Vault, uniforms, Power Armor Suits, and of course the post-apocalyptic world, all look incredibly accurate to the video game series from Bethesda Softworks and Interplay. And from what Nolan and Joy have conveyed, the story will be faithful to the game franchise too.

Prior to today, the only glimpse of the world we’ve had was a tease from Amazon back in October 2022. Now, we have a bit more to go on. Like the game series, the TV world takes on the aesthetic look of 1940s or 1950s American culture. But, similar to the game series, the show begins with a nuclear war that devastates Earth in 2077. Following the nuclear event, the story jumps a whopping 219 years where the core of the Amazon series is set.

The Fallout TV show is scheduled to begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video in April 2024. Variety’s piece is the beginning of what’s likely to be a few months of publicity as we near the show’s launch. With initial images shared, hopefully a trailer is likely to follow sometime soon.

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