Check out the first screenshot of Amazon’s Fallout TV series

The Fallout TV series is well into production

Fallout has been one of the most iconic series in all of gaming for decades now, so it was only a matter of time before it got a proper game-to-television adaptation. We got the news that Amazon would be helming the project all the way back in July of 2020, and it’s being developed by Westworld creator Lisa Joy and writer-director Jonathan Nolan (also known as the brother of famed director Christopher Nolan). It’s been radio silence on the series for quite a while, which is why it’s so exciting to get a first look at the series today on Twitter.

Today actually happens to be the 25th anniversary of the series as well, so in honor of Fallout‘s birthday, Amazon Prime posted a tweet featuring a screenshot from the show. The image features two figures looking on as another figure is silhouetted in an open vault, and while the screenshot doesn’t give us any kind of context at all, I have to admit it looks damn good. We can see the vault-dwellers came from Vault 33 given their jumpsuits, so there’s that. We also know that actor Walton Goggins will be portraying a character “based on the ghouls from the games,” but that’s about it.

Fallout has always had a distinct, compelling style with the blue-and-yellow-tinged 1950’s retrofuturistic aesthetic, which I think will make for some pretty striking visuals in a live action TV show. In all honesty, I haven’t much been able to take the Fallout series very seriously outside New Vegas (my affinity for Monster Factory is probably responsible for that, now that I think about it), but this show might be the thing to change my mind.

As you might expect, Amazon is playing their cards pretty close to their chest with this one, but I know I’ll be looking forward to seeing more details about how they bring Bethesda’s beloved IP to life.

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