A Fallout show is in the works from the creators of Westworld

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Amazon just dropped a bombshell: It’s working with Bethesda to bring a Fallout show to Prime Video.

Here’s the teaser clip that was uploaded to Twitter:

It takes the “teaser” role seriously. There’s not much to glean from that short video. No casting, no footage, no overview, no release window. It’s literally just a little bit of information splayed across one of the series’ ’40s-era television sets.

All we know is that Amazon’s paying for it, Kilter Films is creating it, Bethesda is (most likely) attached as a producer, and it’ll be available on Prime Video. The two most interesting names mentioned are Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy who created Westworld and founded Kilter Films. That might give some idea as to the general tonal direction of a Fallout TV show.

[Update: The actual announcement from Bethesda doesn’t add much information apart from the fact that Bethesda is in fact involved in production, as Todd Howard is a producer representing Bethesda Game Studios and James Altman is a producer representing Bethesda Softworks.]

Still, just the existence of a TV show leaves me hopeful that someone can do right by the world of Fallout — even if Bethesda hasn’t been able to manage that as of late.

Kilter Films Teams with Amazon Studios to Develop Series Based on Fallout [Bethesda]

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