Fallout New Vegas free on Epic Games Store

Fallout: New Vegas is currently free on the Epic Games Store

Traverse the wastelands of Fallout New Vegas for free

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The official Epic Games Store Twitter revealed today that the Ultimate Edition of the hit 2010 action role-playing game Fallout: New Vegas is currently available for free via the Epic Games Store platform. You can download it now on the EGS here or by clicking on Free Games on the client. Be sure to add the game to your account soon, as it is only free through June 1.

Every week a game is free on the EGS, but typically they are indie titles. Occasionally though, a AAA title like Fallout: New Vegas is the freebie of the week. Once claimed you will have access to the game permanently through the client, even after June 1.

Fallout New Vegas is free now
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The best Fallout

Many devout Fallout fans regard Fallout: New Vegas as one of the best entries in the series to date. Praised for its story, the game features a well-crafted narrative that has become a staple for developer Obsidian Entertainment. Even though the franchise is known for being sandbox in nature, this one takes it to the next level.

The world feels alive and the freedom to explore the Mojave Desert however you want is second to none. All of the quests are extremely well-written and feel meaningful, especially the side quests. Almost every quest has a branching path you can take that impact and changes the world in some way. Every playthrough is truly unique. Few games achieve the goal of creating a realistic and living breathing world, but this one succeeds in every way.

Furthermore, a lot of the best systems from Fallout 3 not only make a return but are improved upon. Gameplay wise there are ways to make almost every build viable, including brawler and melee characters, whereas in the rest of the franchise you typically have to build around gunplay in some way. The game features some of the franchise’s coolest weapons and armor, like the Desert Ranger armor set.

Also, every piece of DLC for the game is worthwhile and features even more incredible story.

Playing on PC is also probably the best way to enjoy the game as it has incredible mod support. Even though there is plenty to enjoy in the base game, mods add hundreds if not thousands of hours of content to the experience.

There’s no better time to break out your Pip-Boy and freshen up on some Fallout in anticipation for the upcoming TV series releasing early next year.

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