Mediatonic announces fix for Fall Guys ‘automatic purchase’ bug

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Refunds en route for affected accounts

Mediatonic has humbly announced that it has fixed a frustrating bug in its madcap battle royale release Fall Guys that was causing players to automatically spend in-game cash when visiting the game’s store. The fix comes after the developer had previously denied that the bug was even in existence, suggesting that players were simply accidentally purchasing the cosmetic items themselves.

Reddit first complained about the bug before the weekend, with one user providing an example of how simply viewing items was instead causing the game to roll out the “Show Bucks.” A Mediatonic support team member was quick to deny the problem, however, confidently telling the user that they had, indeed, purchased the items themselves and that no refunds would be issued. After some investigation, however, it seemed that the store was indeed bugged and auto-buying gear for hapless browsers.

Late on Friday, Mediatonic confirmed the bug’s existence on Twitter and noted that it was working on an immediate fix. Smarting a little from the tone of the support team response, the developer noted that it would be issuing refunds for all in-store purchases that were made between the period of June 21-July 15, and would also be gifting all Fall Guys players the “Grandis” bean.

In a separate statement to news outlets (including VGC), Mediatonic noted that the original response to players’ complaints was “not acceptable.” It’s not uncommon for players to make in-game mistakes and blame the games themselves, so it’s understandable that the support team might have thought that this was the case here. Unfortunately, the response’s super passive-aggressive nature was certainly knee-jerk, given that a simple investigation was all that it took to confirm the issue with the store.

Fall Guys, which recently went free-to-play, is available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The colorful slapstick title recently hit an amazing milestone of 50 million total players.

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