Fall Guys is now free-to-play, live on Switch and Xbox

Fall Guys cross-platform

Falling, free falling

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The frenetic platformer royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout goes free-to-play and adds some new platforms today. The Free For All season is live now, and Fall Guys is officially launched for Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.

News of this update arrived last month, revealing Mediatonic’s gameshow-style competition is coming to new platforms. With today’s update, Fall Guys is now free to play on all platforms. It also has cross-play across all platforms, so the party doesn’t stop when you swap over. Mediatonic also confirms in an FAQ that the new season makes Fall Guys cross-progression as well.

Today’s update also marks the launch of the new Season Pass. Everyone gets access to 50 levels, while legacy players—those who bought Fall Guys when it first launched—get the whole thing free.

Grab a hold of the ledge

Some more updates are in store for Fall Guys today as well. Alongside the new cosmetics in the Season Pass, some new courses are being added. Hex-A-Ring, Volleyfall, Speed Circuit, Track Attack, Bounce Party, The Swiveller, and Blast Ball are all added in to the game.

An Auto Grab option is also available, letting players automatically grab ledges. You can also now dive-grab Tails and Crowns, which is sure to make some of those protect-your-tail rounds more interesting. Voice Chat is also enabled in Parties.

One note is that while Steam owners will continue to be able to play Fall Guys and get all the updates, the platformer royale won’t have a Steam store page anymore. Any new players picking up Fall Guys on PC today will need to play through the Epic Games Store.

With all the new cosmetics and courses, as well as cross-platform play, it really does seem like a good summer to get back into Fall Guys. Time to get my hot-dog suit out of the closet and chase some Crowns.

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