Ex-BioWare devs doing new Neverwinter Nights inspired RPG


Mooncrest is a single-player, story-based fantasy RPG, with a focus on real-time tactical combat, cinematic conversations, and challenging puzzles,” so reads the official site set up by KnightMayor for its first game.

The new studio is made up largely of former BioWare staff intent on producing an RPG, “that harkens back to…Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, [and] Neverwinter Nights.”

The story centers buddy cop style on a mismatched pair, Sera and Pirotase, while the game blends real-time combat with BioWare style character conversation and “intuitive and contextually sensible” adventure game puzzles. There’s also a Q&A (and some more lovely pictures) with the concept artists here.

Steven Hansen