ESRB spills details on Guitar Hero: Modern Hits for Nintendo DS

It’s not a surprise, but work on another version of Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS is well underway. The ESRB has recently added a listing for Guitar Hero: Modern Hits, the apparent follow up to the recent release of Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades

While Activision haven’t officially announced the title, the game will unsurprisingly feature “modern hits,” the likes of which the ESRB has leaked info on. Based on the game’s ESRB ratings summary, the game will at least include Sum 41’s “Still Waiting,” Franz Ferdinand’s “The Fallen,” and Finger Eleven’s “Paralyzer.”

This is good news for people who enjoy rocking (or hand cramps) on the go. But instead of releasing what is essentially another song pack, shouldn’t Activision start thinking about how the Guitar Grip peripheral is going to work with the DSi? Yup, no Game Boy Advance slot there, guys. 

[Via Kotaku]

Nick Chester