Elevator Action Death Parade in elevating action

Last year, Chad “I have a new favorite videogame every week” Concelmo told us about his new favorite videogame of the week. It was the relaunch of the Elevator Action series as a light gun game that involved actual elevator doors opening and closing (a wise choice for his favoritist videogame EVAR for that week). Sadly, the game wasn’t launching until next year (now) and was only coming out in arcades in Japan. Un-sadly, Joystiq is in Japan (now) for the Amusement Machine Show and had a chance to film themselves playing the game so we can all see how it actually works.

For some reason they seem to have filmed the least interesting parts of the game and left the more interesting parts to be described in words. For instance, at certain points you have to run and dive into the elevator while enemies are chasing you. Then you have to mash the elevator button to close the door all while shooting at the enemies trying to kill you. It sounds intense and awesome. There are also times where you must trap enemies in the elevators and kill them by shooting the cables out. Surprisingly, they came out of the game appreciating it not just for its awesome gimmick, but also as a well designed game based around an awesome gimmick. Now if only American arcades weren’t dying off, we might have a chance of getting it in the states.

Matthew Razak