Turns out the Elden Ring bats are actually singing a pretty sad song

Elden Ring singing bat

A translation of the sonorous sirens reveals some sad lore

If you’ve been traveling around the Lands Between, you’ve probably heard an eerie voice singing in the distance. Maybe you’ve gone to investigate it. And like most things in Elden Ring, proceeded to regret it as a singing bat descends upon you.

The singing bats of Elden Ring can be found in a few places. I stumbled across my first one in the Liurnia of the Lakes region, as I was merrily riding along.

Turns out the bats are singing in an actual language, though not English. It’s apparently Latin. As one Twitter user Chinchillazilla pointed out (via Screen Rant), it’s also pretty dang sad.

This YouTube video has a similar translation, albeit with some different interpretations of the Latin.

Here’s the lyrics of the song that the Elden Ring singing bats sing, via YouTuber Antonius Tertius, in full:

“Alas, that land, once blessed, now has diminished.
We brides, destined to become mothers, now become tarnished.
We lamented and shed tears,
but no one consoles us.
Golden one, at whom you were angry?”

Much like many other bits of lore in Elden Ring, this one is pretty sad. Though it also sheds some insight on the world, especially as it was in the far-flung past.

The hunt for lore

Lore hunters have been gradually combing through this game, picking apart the various pieces of Elden Ring‘s world. In my own experience, FromSoftware’s latest is definitely easy to come to grips with in the moment. I feel like Elden Ring, more than many other Souls-type games, gives me a lot of info up-front.

That said, there are deeper parts of this world still to uncover. It’s massive, and even tiny things might have been easy to miss the first few times around. As for me, well, I’m still trying to help a witch usher in a new age. I’m content to just roll around, find cool stuff around every corner, and never approach a melodic Latin verse without caution again.

A new update also went live today, tweaking some bosses. One in particular might be of interest to a certain jar-headed hero.

Lead image via YouTube.

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