What is Elden Ring’s scariest enemy (and why is it a big silver ball)?

Elden Ring giant silver ball

There are plenty of runners-up, though

I’m joking — but not really! — when I say that the most haunting enemy in Elden Ring is a big silver ball that’s uncomfortably self-aware and brimming with bloodlust.

Admittedly, some might say that the overgrown Runebears are number one on the oh-shit scale due to their vein-popping intimidation. Others would point to the creepy-crawly “hands” that skitter nastily. Or sure, maybe the Chanting Winged Dames really get under your skin. Now that I’ve had plenty of time to reflect, I’m with Reddit user QuirklessStoner — the “most menacing” enemy in Elden Ring has gotta be those big Silver Tear balls.

As this clip shows, these pursuers take after Resident Evil 2‘s Mr. X.

The most menacing enemy in the game… from Eldenring

While I’ve built up a tolerance to From Software’s gnarly creatures with Dark Souls III and Bloodborne re-runs, I’ve never been able to shake my aversion to spherical threats — not since Phantasm. Not since Sen’s Fortress. My rolling-trap paranoia knows no bounds.

We don’t go to Nokron

In Elden Ring, my worst fears came to fruition in Nokron, Eternal City.

It’s a spooky place in a game full of them, yet the vibe feels different from anything else in Elden Ring. It’s haunted all the way down, to the point where I don’t dwell any longer than I absolutely need to. The thought of a Silver Tear-turned-boulder sneaking up to squish me is too much to handle. And you know, the relevant lore sure doesn’t calm my fears.

“The Silver Tear makes mockery of life, reborn again and again into imitation. Perhaps, one day, it will be reborn a lord…”

At least with the horrible, no-good, many-limbed Revenants, you can look them in the eye and either fight back or flee; there’s humanity. These silver balls, though. I don’t know where to look! To this day, I dislike fighting them up close — it’s sorcery or nothing.

So while this clip is funny, I’m really just laughing nervously.

“These guys are very ‘I haven’t started and Miyazaki-san needs an enemy design on his desk in an hour,'” joked a player. “Still the creepiest thing in the game tho,” said another.

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