There’s a Resident Evil 2 mod to axe Mr. X

So long, Trenchy

Modders have had a ton of fun toying around with Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, whether it’s giving the vigilant pursuer some backing from DMX or turning him into Thomas the Tank Engine. But what if you’d rather slow down and explore the police station in relative peace? Well, now there’s an answer.

Over on Nexus Mods, maverickheart has whipped up a straightforward mod for Resident Evil 2 that gets rid of Mr. X. He’s gone! You won’t have to deal with planning wonky routes through the station. You won’t have to worry about Mr. X forcing you to duck into a room that you never bothered to properly clear out. And, best of all, you won’t get a panic attack from his constant thudding footsteps.

According to the mod’s creator, all the necessary scripted events with Mr. X still function as needed. “X has made sure to leave friendly ghost in his place to lift up the helicopter for you when it’s time.”

As nerve-wracking as Mr. X can be, it’s worth stressing that his presence is a key ingredient that binds the whole experience together. He’s a mostly predictable threat in a game that never wants you to feel too comfortable with your surroundings. Without him, we’d play too safely and wouldn’t need to adapt on the fly. Some of my best moments came from him corralling me into places I wasn’t ready to face.

You can play Resident Evil 2 however you’d like, though. Options are good!

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