Earthblade is the mythic new adventure from Celeste developer

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If, like my good self, you found yourself enraptured by the fantastic 2018 platformer Celeste, then you’ll be Extremely OK with this brand new trailer for Earthblade, which premiered as a part of yesterday evening’s Game Award festivities.

Dripping with simplistic style, as only Team Celeste know how, Earthblade will follow the adventures of Nevoa, Child of Fate, as they return to what remains of a ruined Earth in what looks to be another pixelated tale packed with challenges on a physical and emotional scale. According to EXOK, Earthblade will feature seamless exploration, engaging combat, and “countless mysteries”, as Nevoa explores the world, meets friend and foe, and overcomes numerous obstacles in their search for answers.

From this conceptual trailer, it seems that Earthblade will feature a more typical open-world adventure experience akin to something like Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight. But the recognizable charm and style of EXOK Games are readily apparent here. From the ethereal music and forlorn atmosphere to its intriguing character design — detailed in such simplicity — and the heavy leanings toward multi-directional world traversal and the satisfaction of the journey itself. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one, and fans of the strange and fantastical would do well to do the same.

Earthblade is currently in development for PC. It is scheduled to launch sometime in 2024.

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