EA exec on 3DS: ‘I?ve seen it; it?s cool’

And that’s about all you’ll get out of EA Chief Executive Jone Riccitiello as he has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Nintendo on their new 3D-enabled portable game system.

The EA boss did see it, though, and he’s not hating on it. That’s good, I guess. “… you’ve got to be very careful here because they’ve got a lot to say at E3, and I want to be careful to not accidentally transgress an NDA,” he tells IndustryGamers.

Of course, in the same interview, also talking about 3D and gaming in general, Riccitiello says that he feels this year is going to be about “less than well-authored content” and that “it’s going to be one of those stories: video games give me a migraine.”

I personally can’t wait to see what Nintendo has up their sleeves. They’ve done a good job of keeping a lid on the rumors for this new system.

Dale North