E3 10: Majesco’s Zumba Fitness is out of control exercise

You know, I’ll admit it: some of the most (drunken) fun I have had playing games with friends was with Ubisoft’s Just Dance. And after last night, I would have to say that Harmonix’s Dance Central for Kinect, after my hands-on with the title, feeds into that cheesy drunken dancing fun. Like it or not, dancing games are the new hot jam.

Anyway, Pipeworks Software’s Zumba Fitness, published by Majesco, is actually quite a bit like both of those previously mentioned games. A fitness title based around the exercise routine that over 55,000 trainers endorse, Zumba Fitness requires players to either stand in front of the Kinect, or use the Wiimote/Move device, coupled with a hip sensor, to dance latin and up-tempo songs to lose weight, with endurance routines sometimes lasting 20 minutes.

So you know what? I danced the effing Zumba dance. In front of the female trainer who is actually in the game. In front of the actual creator of the dance routine, Beto Perez. And you know what? I effing rocked it hard. Hips, hands, all of that ridiculous dancing stuff, I rocked it. Yep, you’ll sweat, but you know what, as far as fitness games go, I had one hell of a good time. Sure, it’s not exactly for everyone, but it was stable in recognizing my moves, and it felt almost as good and as fun as Harmonix’s much more recognized dance title.

Ben Perlee