E3 10: It never ends: More Nintendo fun with Iwata Asks

A whole bunch more installments of “Iwata Asks” were posted by Nintendo this week. They are all rad — especially the one on the 3DS — but as a Donkey Kong Country fanboy, I wanted to highlight the video focusing on Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Kensuke Tanabe, who oversees companies like Retro Studios, want to take you for a ride. And you know what? I want them to take me for a ride, too.

Iwata mentions how this project is reminiscent of New Super Mario Bros. Wii — our fond memories of the original games are nigh-untouchable, and it’s never as simple as just recreating the same experience we know and love with improved visuals.

They also talk about the music. Oh man, the music! While neither Iwata or Tanabe go too far into specifics, they do agree that preserving the series’ AMAZING (I couldn’t resist) music is a must. Those are the magic words, guys.

Jordan Devore
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