E3 09: Retro Studios to ‘pleasantly surprise’ in a few hours

According to Retro Studios’s latest twitter, all of us gamers will be “pleasantly surprised in just a few hours.” (For those not in the know, Retro Studios is the company responsible for making the incredible Metroid Prime series on the GameCube and Wii.)

So, what does this mean? If my E3 timeline is correct, the Microsoft press conference is in a few hours. Will there be a Retro Studios reveal then? And, if so, what will it be? My guess? Well, I would have said a new Kid Icarus or Metroid game, but the “in a few hours” thing really throws me off. Nintendo’s press conference isn’t until tomorrow!

What are your guesses? Get to speculating! Let the E3 madness begin!

Chad Concelmo