E3 09: @everyone Twitter on XBLA LOL, video #E3

My headline makes no sense, but neither does anything else anyone says on Twitter. As you may have heard, now that senselessness now will spread to the Xbox 360, along with the Internet’s other time crunch, Facebook.

This combo of timesinks are perfect for those guys who never shut their Xbox 360 off. And those people would be us. As the lovely Felicia Day explains in this video, you’ll be able to view your Facebook photos and status updates on your living room television. Add friends. Look for dirty pictures of hot girls that you added a long time ago. Tell people what you ate for lunch.

The Twitter app looks much like the PC version, with little word bubbles all over the screen. Twitter makes a bit less sense to me, as you’d almost always be tweeting that you’re on Xbox Live. I guess you could share with your followers what game you’re playing. Twitter will become that much more busy. I wonder how the Fail Whale will look in high-definition.

Dale North