E3 09: Endless Ocean 2 shows off hot dolphin/penguin action!

Haha … I just realized that headline sounds dirty. Sorry.

After the Nintendo press conference, as I was walking out of Club Nokia, an associate at Nintendo whom I know walked up to me. Before I could even tell him how excited I was about the Super Mario Galaxy 2 (OMG!) and Metroid: The Other M (OMG!) announcements, he pulled a piece of paper out of his bag.

The paper may not have said “Chad, you are going to be the star of our new Zelda game!” like I was hoping, but it did have some other cool news: Endless Ocean 2 is officially coming to the Wii!

Here are some highlights from the upcoming Wii sequel (you will understand why I got excited in a bold second):

  • Players dive into oceans all around the world to discover the fish, mammals, and various sea creatures unique to each region while learning about their habits and behaviors.
  • While at Nine Ball Island, players can become friends with a dolphin and teach it some new tricks.
  • For the first time in the series, friends who have broadband Internet access can connect and dive with one another via Nintendo Wifi Connection, while using the Wii Speak microphone to converse.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Endless Ocean, but I knew there was room for improvement. If anything, OMG I CAN BE FRIENDS WITH A DOLPHIN IN THIS ONE! 10 out of 10!

Check out some amazing screens in the gallery.

Chad Concelmo