Drive your very own Mario Kart through the streets of Japan

I’d throw shells at cars

I’m sure many of us have fantasized about driving in a real life Mario Kart race. The joy of whisking past players you’ve toppled with a red shell while casually dodging a Bob-omb would be a real treat for anyone. According to Good Morning America (of all sources), you can just about replicate the experience in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

Those who are lucky enough to live on the other side of the world can head on over to Akiba Kart and rent out a go-kart fashioned after everyone’s favorite plumber. All of the karts for rent are at the 50cc class, which means even the most novice of drivers should be able to avoid accidents. The cost is $25 an hour, so even $100 could get you a fairly large chunk of the day on these machines.

The shops owner, Daisaku Koyama, has a warning for any speed demons among us. “Be careful while driving. Japanese police can get very angry.” Seeing as how crime rates are exceptionally low, I’m sure the cops are just itching to find any troublemakers and serve them justice.

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