Dreamscom 2021, the Dreams community showcase built within Dreams, kicks off today

Dreams within Dreams within Dreams

Last year, Media Molecule hosted DreamsCom, a community showcase featuring announcements and reveals from the creators within Dreams. And it seems like it worked out pretty well, as Media Molecule’s hosting another DreamsCom, which once again features a convention hall you can explore in Dreams.

Starting with the train into DreamsCom, you can make an avatar and then set off to explore the convention. Right away, a massive board details all the stream times and links for the showcases airing on Media Molecule’s Twitch. There’s also a companion ‘zine available, highlighting different creations and demos available.

There were also announcements for some Media Molecule originals, like Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and TREN, which have booths you can visit in-game. Or you can leap down the giant hole in the middle and set off into the expo hall, to discover the many, many community booths.

These various DreamsCom booths feature creators from all around Dreams, covering a variety of different topics. Some were for games or projects, while others highlighted specific aspects; I really dug one booth that just showed off some architectural templates the creator had made. They can feature interactive elements as well, like photo booths and a playable piano you can jump around on, like you’re Tom Hanks in Big.

Dreams creators are also taking the opportunity to demo their projects, as highlighted in the companion ‘zine, and there’s more to come in the next four days of the festival.

It’s essentially one giant expo that shows off exactly what Dreams is, and all the ways it keeps evolving and surprising folks like me. I’ve only barely scratched the surface of it myself, and I’m eager to spend some time later diving into the booths and creations the Dreams community has put out there, and what I can learn from all of it.

You can check out DreamsCom 2021 yourself inside Dreams for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, or keep an eye on the Media Molecule Twitch channel and Impsider ‘zine for coverage there.

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