Dragon’s Dogma is on sale for under $5 on PC/PS/Xbox: on Switch it’s $10

Dogma is on sale

The sale runs until June 23

Dragon’s Dogma is on sale right now, in part to celebrate the announcement of the sequel late last night in an errant Capcom stream.

So the general gist of the sale is a roughly 84% off discount on every platform but Switch, where it’s 66% off. Here’s the breakdown, with links:

For under five bucks, Dragon’s Dogma is definitely worth it. It’s one of the wildest games of the last 10 years or so, offering up an epic adventure with all sorts of wonkiness to boot. That price will help the latter elements go down smoother, and given that it’s not for everyone, even if you abandon it eventually you won’t have spent too much on it.

In that sense, the sequel is a massive opportunity to correct the technical sins of its father. It took a long time, but Dragon’s Dogma (partially through the Arisen release) garnered a lot of goodwill within the gaming community, as it was an honest effort at a unique open world experience, with a bit of flair. If they can shore things up with an updated RE Engine foundation, it could take off even more.

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