Dragon Quest XI’s opening video is out, on the cusp of its 3DS/PS4 launch

Still TBA for Switch

We’ve been waiting a long while for Dragon Quest XI, but Japanese 3DS/PS4 owners (and importers) will get a chance to try it out very soon on July 29. The Switch version still has an unconfirmed release date, but in the meantime you can watch the intro straight from Square Enix now by way of a livestream event.

It starts at 21:52 in, as our protagonist has a Moses-esque “baby downstream” moment, spurred by an invasion from an evil entity. Toriyama’s style still works just as well as it did ages ago, as does the fantastic score.

It’s an interesting choice to develop it for both the portable and console arena, and I’ll probably end up playing both Nintendo platforms when it inevitably comes west.

Chris Carter
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