The Dragon Ball x Fortnite event is underway, here’s how to finish the challenges

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The first few Dragon Balls can be acquired today

Well, the teaser was sent out, and now the time has come: Dragon Ball is entering Fortnite. Here’s how the Dragon Ball x Fortnite event works.

Currently, Epic has implemented two big items into the mix:

  • Nimbus Cloud (an on-demand glider that lets you shoot into the air to glide with a cooldown timer, similar to other past items)
  • Kamehameha (an ability that’s essentially an explosive beam, governed by a maximum of three charges)

You can find these items either through special vendors (Bulma at Kame House on the far east of the map in the island formation), “Dragon Ball” vending machines (marked on the map), or through capsules, which appear on the map like supply drops.

Another part of the event involves a hub zone (like Naruto) where you can watch Dragon Ball Super episodes, which runs through September 17, 2022. Of course, there’s also skins to be bought too, including Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus. Epic has a full rundown of the event here.

And a questline! So the goal is to collect a “power level” (read: XP on a separate track) of 120 million, which provides level-up bonuses for battle royale, as well as odds and end rewards. Separately, there’s a “Dragon Ball” questline on the quest screen, which tasks players with collecting all seven Dragon Balls to unlock the Shenron Glider for free. As of publication you can acquire two now, and more will unlock each subsequent day for the next five days. You can find tips on how to easily finish the first few challenges below.

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Dragon Ball x Fortnite Warmup Challenges:

Open Capsule Corp capsules

This one is simple. Just watch the map after roughly a minute, and you’ll see capsule icons appear on the map. Head to the closest one and open them (they contain Nimbus Clouds and Kamehamehas).

Visit a familiar training location

Head to the location marked here: Kame House in the island formations. Done!

Purchase an item from a Dragon Ball vending machine

This one is easy as all vending machines will be marked on the map when highlighting this quest. You may need roughly 250 gold to buy an item (cloud or Kamehameha). Note that if you’re low on gold, to buy an item that you need to complete the current quest for.

Destroy objects with a Kamehameha

Head to any named location to find more objects and unleash the Kamehameha (found with any of the methods mentioned above). The easiest way to do this is to find them in capsules. Note that you can only carry one of these at a time, so if you have one charge left, use it on some trees, then pick up another you just found on the floor.

Travel distance riding a Nimbus Cloud

Just grab a cloud, use it to leap up to a mountain, then glide off that mountain after the cooldown is refreshed. You’ll finish the challenge in a few minutes.

Watch Dragon Ball Super in Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival

Just head to the main menu, go to the queue, and select any episode. Quit, and you’ll clear the challenge.

Dragon Ball x Fortnite Sparring Practice Challenges:

Join a Versus Battle in different matches

“Versus Battles” are initiated through interacting with [bounty] signs with Goku and Vegeta on them. They’ll start a battle with someone in your area. To finish this challenge, just highlight the quest, mark a versus board on your map, and interact with it: that counts as “joining.” After finishing this quest there will be a stage two and three; all of which need to be completed in different matches. Be prepared to queue up a lot.

Damage an enemy player before taking damage in different matches

Land on a roof, find a gun, and tap someone real quick. You need to do this three times to finish the challenge.

Damage enemy players with the Kamehameha

This is one of the easiest challenges as the Kamehameha does full-life damage in just a few seconds. Line up a shot, preferably with a player who is already engaged with someone, and activate it. It should only take a few players to finish this challenge.

Win a Versus Battle

To finish this one, just enter as many versus battles as you can to increase your odds of winning one. It helps to immediately land at a versus battle sign and start them at the top of every match.

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