Download the Crackdown demo today … NOT!

I booted up my $400, next-generation console (with its powerful 3.2 GHz PPC Tri-Core Xenon processor) to play a quick game of Ms. Pac-Man today and was greeted with what appeared to be surprisingly good news.

Despite reports earlier that Realtime World’s Crackdown co-op demo was to be delayed, it seems Microsoft wanted me to download the demo … today. Not one to defy orders from the man, I clicked through where I thought I would begin my download. But, oops! Not so much!

While it’s more likely the ad was thrown into the advertising cycle well before the delay, if this is someone at Microsoft’s idea of a joke, I’m not laughing. This Crackdown co-op demo is serious business. This is a war. A war on crime.

Nick Chester