Douchebags in Nintendo 3DS commercials: UK edition!

You’ve seen the original 3DS Douchebags, you’ve seen the Douchier 3DS Douchebags, and now I proudly present … the British 3DS Douchebags! Ah, they do my ol’ home country proud.

Yep, it’s another Nintendo 3DS commercial filled with gormless parodies of humanity, gawping ineptly for our viewing pleasure. Nintendo would have you believe that these arseholes aren’t paid actors, although I’m not entirely convinced. 

As usual, I’ve named each Douchebag (in order of appearance) for easy recognition — Breadboy Gufflestuff, Gareth “Slobberknocker” Beerbelly, Felinus Felinus, Derpus Pigeonstreet, Giggles McF*ck, Smookles O’Hara, Huuuuur Duuuuuuuur, Pervy St. Fiddles, Fishy Scumlips, Pisslord Sneerling, Felinus’ Boyfriend Sadsack, Mungus Mingus and Lil’ Miss AHAHAWHATISTHIS?

Pick your favorite! Also, thanks to Matthew for sending this in.

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